How is this applied in practice?

Online betting is a proactive game. This is a stake on any sport, concluded between the effective action and the time of broadcasting of information about it to the specialized gamblers. For example, the ball has already been scored, but the odds in the line have not been updated yet. Here we are talking not only about goals, but also about assists, violations, standards, additional statistics and any other elements of the game that affect the formation of quotes in the bookmaker’s office.

Can you make money on this?

Bettors unanimously state that the money times for advance gambling are 8-10 years ago. The era of online bookmakers was fraught with errors and line delays. Since then, these specialists have constantly improved the algorithms for detecting “broadcasting’ fraudsters, in extreme cases, resorting to banal account cutting and account blocking. Users did not stand still, coming up with more and more sophisticated ways to beat the bookmaker.

Obvious stakes on the lead, for example, total over 0.5 immediately after a goal is scored, are immediately revealed by the office. Making money is real if you make non-obvious choices. For example, immediately after the 2nd yellow card received by the player of the team in the 1st half, bet on the total of warnings over 3.5.

What tricks are there to bet on an already known result?

There are several options:

  • be present at the stadium and have a mobile device with an open line in streamings;
  • purchase keys for watching satellite broadcasts of fights with a minimum time delay;
  • download and install a special broadcasting bot;
  • negotiate with the scout broadcasting for the bookmaker.

Any win-win betting strategy will break against the bookmaker’s rules and lead to account blocking, if you use such arbitrage situations often. If you play against the rules of the bookmaker, be prepared for sanctions.

How do bookmakers deal with this kind of scam?

The general dislike of the offices for such players is very great. Bookmakers fight such players using the toughest methods. Most often, a stake is calculated with a coefficient of 1.00 or with a market quote (1.01-1.03), and the bettor is gray-listed. For example, bookmaker Parimatch will avoid both winning and losing stakes on advance stakes. Some offices practice blocking, in which it is difficult to return not only the amount of the stake, but also the money in the account.

If the bettor places stakes for the first time after the goal, the bookmaker can calculate the bet as winning. The calculation of such a strategy is simple. The time value is indicated, which is considered the average for guessing the event. If a deviation is found, the account goes for additional verification. Problems arise both with cutting limits and with verifying the profile when requesting a withdrawal of funds (offshore bookmakers).

Leading gambling has ceased to be a source of easy profit today. Specialized agencies now have automated systems to control such types of stakes that are difficult to cheat. It is advisable to use the strategy when making a bet on unobvious outcomes: the total of violations, cards.

Is it right to bet while live streams?

In 2021, any gambling specialized agency can easily identify customers who bet on events with a known outcome. The cancellation of such bets, coupled with the risk of blocking the gaming account, make bets on “postballs” a futile exercise. Therefore, we do not recommend making bets during live streamings.