What are conditional win-win strategies?

In such strategies, bettors do not cheat, but successfully implement bookmaker errors or competent bankroll management schemes. These tactics of the game are called conditionally win-win tactics. The term “conditional” does not mean 100% profitability, but maximum efficiency with proper implementation.

Nevertheless, these tactics are effectively used by hundreds of players. The most popular here are such financial systems in sport gambling as Martingale, its variation of Dogon, surebets, as well as the tactics of gambling ahead. Of these, we will consider the last two conditionally winning options for playing in bookmaker companies. Let’s study their legality and real prospects in sports gambling.

Surebets strategy (arbitrage stakes)

Conditional win-win betting strategies are surebets. These are arbitrage situations in betting, when two different offices offer odds for opposite outcomes in one event, which always gives you money. Due to the ruthless restrictions of the bookmakers, the surebets scheme becomes risky, but accurate, competent execution always guarantees a small profit. Often such players are declared scammers by bookmakers.

Dexterity and caution are required, because the surebets scheme is not just called conditionally winning.

There are three main risks:

  • playing for large sums can lead to a loss-making situation when the bankroll in another bookmaker is limited. It is corny that there will not be enough funds to cover the first shoulder with the opposite rate;
  • there are frequent moments of getting into sharp adjustments of quotations;
  • refunds of sport stakes for an unplayed match may result in a loss. This will be if the offices where arbitration rates have been applied have different conditions for resolving such cases.

Betting strategy in live streams

Most legal specialized agencies prohibit the proactive gambling tactics from online broadcasts. It is carefully used by competent bettors, but there is a great risk of strict sanctions from the office. For a strategy of such stakes, an indispensable condition is being present at the game or watching a real online broadcast without delays!

The game scheme for such schemes is as follows:

  • the bettor goes to the stadium (or includes a live webcast), where the event is represented by a wide line of the bookmaker;
  • sits and waits for a change in the situation (injury, goal, removal, etc.);
  • makes a corresponding sportstake using mobile gambling from an iPhone or tablet;
  • gets a 95% chance of winning a bet, if it was possible to make a quick analysis of the event and promptly place a bet.

These live bets are tricky due to technical issues, but practice allows for perfection. Mobile bets are more priority here, because any broadcasts give a delay and the office’s analysts also watch them, so it is difficult to get ahead of them. 

Major sport gambling agencies know how to find players who make money on proactive strategies. Usually, such mobile betting gives success 3-4 times in a row, and then the bookmaker somehow punishes, usually cancels all won bets or bans the game account with money. 

What do our experts conclude?

Thus, the considered sports gambling strategies will certainly give bettors a stable profit if the implementation is careful, thoughtful and attentive. On arbitrage betting, the earnings are modest, but constantly coming with surebets.

The sport gambling strategy for online broadcasts here is characterized by greater riskiness and a rarity of optimal moments, but the winnings in bookmaker companies can turn out to be solid. The main thing is to hide any of the conditionally win-win sport  betting strategies in the game, so as not to get harsh sanctions from the bookmakers.